How Maintain Howarthia Plant

How Maintain Howarthia Plant, as with any other expensive ornamental plant, howarthia should be seriosly maintained in order to provice a group of healthy leaves and beautiful, Haworthias are dainty succulent plants which are frequently compared to Aloes, this is hardly surprising since they are both members of the Asphodeloideae family. Haworthia (H. attenuata and H. fasciata) - Zebra CactusHaworthias are almost always small and very (very) slow growing plants but tend to look brilliant in unusual containers or interesting soil mixes. As a result they can make fantastic easy care gifts and presents for people, suiting either a home or office desk environment
howarthia plant

How to maintain this plant you can learn the following:

  1. Selection of the pot; Before planting ornamental plants Haworthia, consider first the pot and planting media. Keep the pot would you choose according to the type of plants to be grown. Look at the design of the pot should correspond to the place where the pot - the pot will be placed. Choose a pot that has drainage holes are quite flexible. After the pot is ready, direct content of 1 per 3 pots with planting medium, and then enter the ornamental plants in pots.Note when entering the plants in pots should be careful - careful not eliminate all the media of plant origin (including old roots) because it will be difficult for plants to adapt in a new place. Once the plant goes into a pot, cover with the remaining growing media while compacted. Avoid filling the pot to the brim. Give the remaining space of 2 cm so that when splashed with water does not overflow. Occasionally clean the dirt - dirt in the form of garbage stuck in the ground or on the outside wall of the pot so that the plant in the pot could grow more beautiful and healthy.
  2. Placement pot; Besides, you have to be good at choosing the right pots, note placement of the pot plays an important role in the survival of plants that you will plant. Known for some types of ornamental plants that are only able to thrive if the sunlight is sufficient. Therefore, if you choose plants that belong to the group of plants that require a lot of sunlight, place the pot - the pot on an open area. 
  3. Watering or irrigation; You have to pay attention to some of the techniques in watering the potted plants on the types of Haworthia. The first watering is done directly on the overall plant wetting the whole plant. The second is to provide clean water in the bottom of the pot. This water will be absorbed by the capillary system. Each - each plant has its own kind of watering. What to do in the mornings between the hours of 7 am to 10 noon or evening.
  4. Fertilization; Ornamental plants of the type Haworthia in dire need of fertilizer to nourish the roots - the roots so that they will grow lush, healthy and beautiful. In general, they were given in accordance with a dose of NPK fertilizer in containers every month.
  5. Clean the leaves are useless; Maintenance of ornamental plants next stage is to maintain the fertility of plants by cleaning the leaves or stems that fall every 2 weeks. It aims to help boost fertility while complementing crop plants.
Similarly, the information we can provide, hopefully to help lovers of ornamental plants in treating or maintaining their collections of ornamental plants that grow perfectly so salable with a high value.

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