Creativity planting vegetables in small fields

banana stemsCreativity planting vegetables in small fields, Banana stems are usually thrown away after the fruit is taken, or when there is only needed to plug the leather puppet show puppet, whereas many benefits banana stems that can be processed. The fruits of this paradise of fruit, flower, leaf, stem and cob all worthwhile, even without leaving the smell of rotting cob,  Selin is also stems can be used as material for liquid of organic fertilizer or so-called MOL .
Growing media needed to grow the crop has varied to date. Planting on land that has been done since the ancestors of yore, is not considered relevant for some commodities,  Search planting medium can not be separated from the curiosity of the need for appropriate nutrients by plants and avoid soil -borne pathogens that reduce crop yields .
Hydroponics promoted as a new way of planting that does not use soil. Plants given other media such as gravel, sand, coconut fiber or even just Styrofoam’s as a buffer crop in the nutrient solution. Plant nutrition formula game was played until the found two stock solutions (A and B) are not mixed before fed to the plant.
Banana trees and bamboo could replace guttering for vegetable gardening, planting mushroom etc. . Even the banana stem has the advantage that it contains a lot of starch as a source of plant nutrients and microorganisms in the inside of the trunk can make planting medium is placed at the plant eventually become compost .

Creativity planting vegetable in smal fields

creativity planting
Banana trees also have important compounds such as anthraquinone , saponins , and flavonoids . Well, in human anthraquinone beneficial to nourish hair. Role of the compounds in plants can also foster the growth of root hairs that are useful to help plants absorb nutrients.
Banana stem itself is known to contain up to 80 % water. During this banana stem has been studied for use as animal feed because the yield of lignin cellulose content low. The use of banana stem remains promising for glucose content of banana plants may supply both itself and banana plants grown of banana .Used  banana tree trunks for vegetable gardening is easy enough:
  1. Create a buffer of wood to hold the banana stems which will be placed horizontally. Next the holes of banana stem goblet -sized minerals with a width of about 15 cm and a 10 cm by using a knife. Distance between the holes between 15-20 cm. Piece of banana can be made 2 lanes holes.
  2. Once the holes so fill soil or planting medium organic waste into the planting hole.
  3. Let stand for 2-3 days prior to the then newly planted vegetable seeds according to your will.
  4. Treatment plants that do the same as gardening wear bamboo or gutters. A banana tree planting can be used 2-3 times, depending on the condition of the stem.
Information about creativity planting vegetable in small fields


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