Herbalia park in Cipanas Palace

GrandifloraHerbalia park in cipanas place, Located in Mount Gede, the building that is now the Cipanas Palace since the beginning really health resort for the Governor-General, not the government buildings or homes or offices such as the Bogor Palace Istana Merdeka. Hot springs, mineral springs, clean mountain air, and the atmosphere is very beautiful, the more complex it is perfect as a stopover and resting very comfortably.Often referred to as the Cipanas palace a small botanical garden, because there are approximately 170 spesises plants located along the trail Cipanas Palace Gardens. One of them is a species of Magnolia grandiflora.Magnolia grandiflora originating from mainland sub-tropical to tropical America. Its original habitat in California, Florida, and Texas. These plants grow in the lowlands and never found above the height of 150m above sea level, but uniquely, was found to grow well in Cipanas Palace with a height of approximately 1200-1400m above sea level.Characteristic of this plant is a tree with a height of up to 4 meters, while in the tree can habitnya can reach 24 meters. The leaves are oblong with 9-25 cm long and 3-9 cm wide. Pedicelnya thin with 1.5-2 cm long. Petalnya white with 9-13 cm long. Stamennya number more than 60. The flowers are hermaphrodite or unisexual including a double, and are pollinated by beetles help.According Darsono, Chief Cipanas Palace, maintenance of these plants in Cipanas Palace include watering, spraying drug from pests and diseases, keeping of wild plants, and trimming the plants that have been damaged. "For annual crops, do rehabalitasi or replacement of the damaged plant to plant," said Darsono.Treatment plants in the Cipanas Palace handled directly by the sub-parts of the building. Darsono explained that the duties and functions of sub-parts of the building such as protecting the environment, including the gardens and trees. (Yor)http://www.presidenri.go.id/istana/index.php/pernak-pernik/2013/03/01/150.html

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