Organic Waste Being Feed and Fertilizer

Waste becomes an increasingly severe problem of the effect on human life. In addition to harmful health effects, as well as damage the environment. To solve this problem, sewage treatment programmed, including the process it into fertilizer and animal feed. This method can reduce the negative impacts of waste while providing a profit and create jobs through the processing of organic waste.

The place to process organic waste into feed and fertilizer

Application processing can be done anywhere, both in cities and in the countryside because the trash is very easy to find even more increases in volume. In large cities, such as Denpasar, Bandung, Surabaya and Jakarta trash volume up to 26,000 m³ per day. 65-70% of which is organic waste that can be processed into fertilizer or animal feed. The abundance of waste as a raw material, it is very likely to make the waste processing activities as a profitable commercial enterprise.

Marketing of organic waste processed into feed and fertilizer

organic waste being fertilizerMarketing of processed organic waste into fertilizer is relatively easy to feed and forage sources for forage has narrowed due to increasing narrowness of green land by accretion settlement. Coupled with sufficient awareness and knowledge, breeders would definitely choose this processed food products because of the high nutritional content for farm animals. Fiber is very little rough so it is more easily digested by the cattle. Feed type can improve livestock weight quickly added up to 700 grams / per day. 240% higher than the development of cattle fed only forage
No lag, processing organic waste into fertilizer, as well as beneficial organic fertilizer known as the best to improve soil fertility and plant growth. You also have contributed greatly to the preservation of the environment, health, and create jobs. The product can be worn alone or is sold commercially to the public that many need to plant in your backyard or in their garden.

The process of treating organic waste into feed andfertilizer

Processing techniques can be spelled out very easily. The process is simple, according to the land and its production capacity. It only takes 7 steps, 
  1. Ranging from the preparation of materials, 
  2. Waste sorting, enumeration, fermentation, 
  3. Drying, to be poultry.
  4. The process essentially exists in the fermentation stage to process waste into organic material quality. This process will increase the content of protein and carbohydrates,
  5. Crude fiber softens,
  6. Improve palatability, 
  7. And as an indicator of the presence of toxic materials in the trash.
This information is part of the greening of the environment beloved by processing organic waste into feed and fertilizer

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