Arts crafts of clay


Arts crafts from pottery clay or pottery called has long been recognized because they relate to the nation's cultural history of the world, originated from the artificial high value Ceramic Chinese nation that goes to the archipelago in the kingdom in Indonesia
Hand crafted pottery or earthenware clay-based is produced traditionally from generation to generation
selling handicrafts of clay that is so foreign to have acted by producers pot.
  1. This exciting overseas markets come through orders from exporters handicraft goods, 
  2. Or there are also foreigners who come directly from the country to make purchases directly to the manufacture of earthenware pots, 
  3. There are also foreigners who trade in Kemang  Jakarta area who shop there or ordered goods for sale to foreigners as well

The shape and design of handcrafted art of clay

There are variations in the shape of clay craft, this is very understandable because they can be molded clay according to the desired shape, and the formation process performed by experienced experts and have the soul of art. While the design is the process handicrafts end after the beginning of the raw material has been transformed into semi-finished materials, the next process is finishing, finishing is done by playing a variety of colors, the process of finishing arts crafts of clay made to order consumer

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