A Simple Tool Called a Composter

simple tool called composter
A simpletool called a composter or compost, is just a waste basket for the kitchen, not big enough for the size of yard waste such as leaves fall litter.
  1. Makes it seem easy enough, but the most interesting design is user friendly, easy to use. Simple tool to make compost that serves as a composter is not placed too high as composter crank so easy to insert and remove the compost
  2. Door size large enough to shovel and rake may enter in
  3. Can be rotated so easy tossing it
Making composter requires some equipment, so in the making should be done by someone who used to use these tools.
plastic drum
  1. Drum (can be from metal or plastic, which I use plastic). Can be purchased ditukang used plastic jerry cans on the roadside. It costs about Rp175.000
  2. A pair of hinges
  3. Bolts and nuts are small size + / - 20 pcs
  4. Nuts and bolts of a length of 6 cm + / - 6 pk
  5. Bolts to the rafters 16 pieces
  6. 2 pcs latch
  7. 1 pc handle
  8. 4 pcs wheels
  9. 2 stalks rafters 4/6 along the 1/2 meter
  10. 1 piece of lath along the 40 cm 

The equipment needed to make the simple style composters: 

  1. Electric drill
  2. Cutting electrical / Chainsaw
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Pliers
  5. Markers 

Step Making a simple tool or composter composters 

    composter step making
  1. Make didrum sign to the door with a marker. Do not be too wide, leaving room for the wheels and bolts.
  2. Cut with an electric cutter / chainsaw
  3. Trim edges with Grinder / emery
  4. Mark the door with a marker, make a hole with a drill, then attach the hinges with nuts and bolts.
  5. Mark where the latch, the drill holes, and attach the handle.
  6. Battens are fitted above the door so that the door does not dented entrance. Make a hole with a drill and tighten the nuts and bolts that are longer.
  7. Make holes around the drum to the air.
  8. Attach the handle
  9. Take the wheel ketukang electric welding. Wheel welded so bearingnya not rotate.
  10. Attach wheels dikaso a distance of 35 cm. Now we have two rafters with wheels.
  11. Place both pieces of rafters with a distance of 75 cm kitchen garden. Rafters can be nailed to the ground or a cemented or detained with a brick or whatever you have in the yard. Place the drum on wheels.
The tool is very simple to make compost works because it helps the housewife in the kitchen waste
Source: http://green.kompasiana.com/penghijauan/2012/01/27/yuk-buat-komposter-berputar-sendiri/

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