Shoots Yellow bamboo is Traditional Medicine on Liver disease

Shoots Yellow bamboo is Traditional Medicine on Liver disease
Disease that occurs in the liver / liver can be caused by several things. The cause of the liver disease / liver major is a virus, rather than one of the five hepatitis viruses (A, B, C, D or E), can also occur due to other viral infections such as infectious mononukleosisi, cytomegalovirus infection and yellow fever. While liver disease / liver that occur due to non-viral due to alcohol, drugs and chemicals or synthetic liver damage (hepatotoxic).

Yellow bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) is one kind of bamboo plants that have unique privileges of the other types of bamboo. When observed buluhnya yellow but with a little clump. Well because it was unique and different from other types of bamboo yellow bamboo better known as an ornamental plant.
Another feature is the yellow bamboo shoots a sweet taste and can be used as a vegetable. also efficacious as a cure liver disease / liver.

What Ingredients and Efficacy Yellow Bamboo shoots?

By our ancestors, yellow bamboo shoots are used as a cure jaundice / jaundice (Hepatitis A). Its use has traditionally been handed down for generations. As is known jaundice associated with liver function irregularities, so often referred to as "liver disease" or "liver disease".

Yellow bamboo shoots containing the hydroxy bemsaldehid, which is a phenol that is similar to some of the cluster of silymarin and curcumin. Both cluster is efficacious as an anti-poison heart. Silymarin compounds have long been marketed as a cure liver or liver medication or hurt by a trademark.

According to a German study, extracts of bamboo shoots can repair damaged liver cells animal experiments, which previously deliberately tampered with liver toxicity. The use of bamboo shoots traditionally, done like drinking herbal 'boiling' (herb stew). The recipes are used, one part (maybe one cup) sliced ​​bamboo shoots dried yellow mixed with 10 parts of water. Mixture is boiled until boiling. Fifteen minutes after boiling, the heater is turned off. In a state still hot, boiled filtered and cooled. Having a cold can lagsung drunk. Every drink is a third dose glass; may be taken up to three times a day. Because it was a bit sour, can add sugar. If boiling water is up, the pulp of bamboo shoots can be used again (boiled again) up to three times. (Wahyono, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Biology UGM - Poster)

Meet our nutrition and good rest so that the virus does not infect and invade the liver or liver. With a strong immune system, the body will be able to handle this dangerous viral hepatitis, now we are know if Bamboo Shoots Yellow bamboo is Traditional Medicine on Liver disease

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