Rare Flower Called Rafflesia Patma

rare flower called raflesia patma
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Rare flower called Rafflesia patma are still closely related (one genus) with arnoldi Rafflesia is blooming for the first time in 81 years at the Bogor Botanical Gardens. This rare flower growing outside its natural habitat
Patma Rafflesia flower that blooms at the Bogor Botanical Gardens is the result of research and development by taking the form of host plants Tetrastigma (type of grape) taken from the Pangandaran, West Java.

Growing and flowering Rafflesia patma this is the first time in the world Rafflesia flower growing outside their natural habitat. Although in 1929 the Bogor Botanical Gardens are believed to have been able to breed three species of Rafflesia, but not documented so as not to admit of scientific circles.
Rafflesia blooms patma also be a marker of Indonesia has been able to cultivate outside its natural habitat. This flower grows with a diameter of 30 cm, has five younger orange petals somewhat faded from its original color. Rafflesia is a target growth of domestic and foreign researchers because of the nature of his mysterious and rare. Another distinctive feature is the presence of spines found on diktus.

Knowladeg rare flower called patma Rafflesia.

Patma Rafflesia is one of the 15 types (species) Rafflesia found in Indonesia. Patma Rafflesia flower in size between 25-30 cm in diameter. The flowers have five petals young little pale orange (salmon). What distinguishes the types of Rafflesia other flower colors that tend to be pale. Another distinctive feature is the presence of spines found on diktus.
Patma Rafflesia was first discovered in 1825 on the island of Nusakambangan, Central Java like other Rafflesia species can not grow their own. Rafflesia patmatumbuh on the roots and stems of host Tetrastigma lanceolarium and Tetrastigma papillosum.

Suitable habitat for patma Rafflesia is the area between the type of ocean beach with type lowland tropical rain forest (ekoton). Some places are a habitat for this interest include Nusakambangan island (Central Java) and Nature Reserves Leuweung Sancang (West Java).

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Scientific Classification.

Kingdom: Plantae;
Division: Magnoliophyta;
Class: Magnoliopsida;
Order: Malpighiales;
Family: Rafflesiaceae;
Genus: Rafflesia;
Species: Rafflesia patma
Binomial name Rafflesia patma (Blume, 1825).
Indonesia Name: Rafflesia Patma.

Kinds of Type Rafflesia in Indonesia.

There are about 30 species of Rafflesia's. And Indonesia has the highest number of species of some 15 species, followed by Malaysia, which has 7 species. 15 Rafflesia species found in Indonesia, among others:
  • Rafflesia arnoldi (R. Brown)
  • Rafflesia hasseltii (Suringar)
  • Rafflesia Patma (Blumenon Meijer)
  • Rafflesia rochussenii (Teijsm and Binn)
  • Rafflesia zollingertana (Koorders)
  • Rafflesia priceii
  • Rafflesia godulensis
  • Rafflesia atjehensis (Koorders)
  • Rafflesia ciliate
  • Rafflesia borneersis
  • Rafflesia witkampi
  • Rafflesia micropylora (Meijer)
  • Rafflesia bengkuluwensis
  • Rafflessia meijeri (Wiriadinata and Rismita Sari)
  • Rafflesia Lawangensis
By Rare flower named Rafflesia patma Indonesia is an attractive natural to enjoyed


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