Planter Box Plants For Indoor Decoration

planter box

Planter box plants for indoor decoration purpose and generally have two functions:
  • As decoration for an empty space in a room
  • As a room divider bulkhead
Potted plants were placed in the planter box for interior decoration is usually the same plant or one type, good uniformity of plant type, size and model of the plant will bring a wonderful atmosphere

Materials for planter box

Materials for indoor plants planter box varies, one with wood, in addition to manufacturing materials such as wood, mortar and sand, fiberglass, brass, aluminum, iron, copper, stainless, bamboo etc.
The material is formed as required above, and each such materials for each character, but all must be completed by smoothing the outer surface would be the face of the planter box

The size and shape planter box

The size and shape planter box is not actually a standard style, actually follow the purposes of, but related to art layout, shape planter box can be designed with reference to the layout. for measures that need to be considered is the weight and the severity of the planter box, because usually planter box plants for indoor decoration is portable


  1. kreatif sekali, kayu bisa dibuat planter box

  2. Beratnya berapa kg itu ya, pakai triple berapa tebal berapa, trimakasih

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  6. Hi
    Nice write up and blog! Where you can, try and hide/cover the pots within the planter box as this makes the palms appear as though they are planted in a large planter box and not in individual pots.

    Indoor Plants