Floriculture done to meet the needs of the park will work, as has been generally known that the park into something that is important to the management of an area as it relates to the spatial

Ornamental plants will affect the beauty, the arrangement of plants requires art and creation, where it will be combined to produce an impact on the beauty and harmony of comfort and beauty, but also vice versa,

Urban spatial scope of an area, whether it is the seat of government, the provincial capital, capital of the district, and even districts, villages and housing estates all be characterized by a well planned arrangement, as distinguishing the identity of urban land or the other one is settlement area with plants


Floriculture can be categorized into 3 parts
1. Cultivation of ornamental plants for ground cover is a kind of grass herbaceous
2. Floriculture for shrubs that are typically used for border,
3. Cultivation of crops for protection or shade

Grass herbaceous
Grass for garden has many know, is a grass species such as Zoysia jepunica,Zoysia matrela linmer, Oxonopus compressus,

Plant shrubs

Ornamental plant height 25cm to 50 cm range that serves to border, fence, etc., the type of plants, there are colorful flowering, there were no flowering plants examples of types of shrubs such as Acalypha siamensis, widelia, ixora, croton etc.

Crop protection
Crops are cultivated for protection by way of sowing seeds, can be cultivated on a scale much, but older age, can be up to several years, many cities with blazing speed using power plants to beautify spatial, this plant is an example of a whip pole banyan, bisbul, Filicium glastium etc.

along with the development of the property market in an area, then there will have an impact on demand for commodity-dependent ornamental plant growers and breeders of ornamental plant growers

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