Diligent flowering orchids

Diligent flowering orchids need to pay attention to the most important and interesting part of the orchid is a flower, but unfortunately we often find that lazy orchid flower to flower. Is there something wrong?

Caring for orchids tricky and required experience and discipline. To create a diligent flowering orchid is also necessary element of affection. One of the most important factors to be diligent flowering orchid is the selection of orchid seeds. Some traits of the orchid is blooming orchid lot, large flowering, brightly colored flowers and flowers durable.

Several factors need to be taken to ensure that diligent flowering orchids:

  1. The house is protected as appropriate. Orchids should be placed in a home that intensity cahanya 50-70%, then the roof of the house should be protected shading net.
  2. Preparation of orchids. To be diligent orchids flowering plants should also be considered drafting, drafting shelves should be placed flat orchid with a height of 1 m, and do not put a tiered because it would interfere with air circulation.
  3. Humidity. To be diligent flowering orchids needed humidity between 60-80%. In order to maintain the humidity below the rack can be made with or manufactured home in fog protected by the installation of sprinkle.
  4. Growing media. The ideal planting medium for making diligent flowering orchids arranged two parts. 1/3 the bottom is filled with pieces of brick and 2/3 the rest use ferns.
  5. Construction pot. Pot is also greatly affected the flowering of orchids so diligent. The most used is the ideal pot pots made of clay and a lot of the hole.
  6. Watering. To be very diligent flowering orchids to consider the problem of water content of the medium. If hot weather is needed watering 2 times and if it does not have to pass the rainy weather watering. The very need to note is the water content media. The ideal watering time is at 07-09 am and 03-05 pm.
  7. Fertilization. The primary key diligent flowering orchid fertilizer that is the fertilizer to the content of high P nutrients. Fertilization can be given through spraying / watering can also use a slow release fertilizer sprinkled on orchid growing media.
  8. Giving or hormone ZPT. To make diligent flowering orchids sometimes required giving PGR or hormones. That can be used to stimulate flowering orchids are Gibberellins. Can also use coconut water with a concentration of 15% (150 ml coconut water is 1 liter spray solution)
  9. Pest and disease control. As with other plants orchids will not be spared from pests and diseases. Daily observations are the best way to prevent orchid pests and diseases. To make diligent orchid flowering orchid plants should be cleaned of dirt, weeds and rotting leaves. The use of insecticides when infestations, mold fungicide and bactericide if attacked when attacked by bacteria. 
Effort is done is only one way to be diligent flowering orchid

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