Bamboo arandinaria japonica as a hedgerow

bamboo arandinaria japonica
bamboo plant can be used as a garden that serves as the fence is part of the urban lifestyle, there are some
bamboo Arandinaria japonica
Bamboo plant this one is kind of a unique bamboo plants, can grow perpendicular to the height of 10 meters to the tip of the leaf, of the characteristics of bamboo plants arandinaria japonica is
  1. 5cm diameter rod between -6 cm
  2. The distance between the segment range of 20 cm - 30 cm
  3. Thick meat between 1cm-2cm
Japonica arandinaria bamboo fencing can be used as a very powerful, serves as a dust barrier of air pollution that are reliable, can also reduce vehicle noise,
The perimeter road to the park is usually made of plant material fence, bambo arandinaria japonica can be used as a hedge plant
  1. Prepare bamboo seedlings arandinaria japonica, the plants that did not survive too old / young
  2. Cut stems of bamboo seedlings along 3m
  3. Three sticks of bamboo seedlings arandinaria japonica bound together 
  4. Prepare a friable soil as deep as 30 cm
  5. Bamboo arandinaria japonica planted in an upright position
  6. Plant bamboo seedlings spaced 15-20cm clumps
  7. Flops with split bamboo and tied with rope at a height of 1 m from the ground
Reproduce bamboo arandinaria japonica
  1. tillers or shoots
  2. Cuttings
Japonica arandinaria bamboo can thrive even in a hot place well planted in lowland or upland, nice plants used as a hedge plant